• Soprano

    The point elasticity of Mind Foam® memory foam combined with pocketed springs guarantees comfort and support for the body in the proper anatomic position.


    Height 25 cm
    Maximum weight 130 kg
    Warranty 5 years
    Washing 60°C

    Properties of the filling of the SOPRANO mattress

    A layer of high-quality Mind Foam® memory foam responds to your body temperature, eliminating the creation of points with high counter-pressure. This results in better blood circulation and a more peaceful sleep. The shaping of the mattress provides your neck, back, shoulders and legs with the ideal support. Your body therefore lies in the proper anatomic position while you sleep. Mind Foam® memory foam is used for the upper part of the mattress, having been developed with the intention of providing ideal support to the human body during sleep. It is based on viscoelastic foam, which is accompanied by the unique ability of point elasticity with minimum counter-pressure.

    The result is a feeling of relaxation and accelerated regeneration of the organism while you sleep. The filling of the mattress, consisting of exclusive 7-zone pocketed springs, ensures maximum comfort and support for the body, taking into account the point load. SOPRANO mattresses have a firmer and a softer side, a quality provided by the differing ratio of Mind Foam® memory foam and CELLFLEX foam and by the spring protector.

    Soprano mattress cover

    TENCEL fibre, which forms the base of the fabric, excels at controlling the climate and letting out moisture. This unique material is made up of a structure of very fine fibres taken from wood that create a dry and pleasant micro-climate in the bed.

    HOLLOW-FILL fleece

    The hollow fibre is modified with the use of silicon, providing it with outstanding featheriness and the quality of not flattening. The deluxe weight of the fibre of 300 grams per square metre therefore enhances the overall comfort of the mattress.

    ELASTAN bottom fabric

    A highly elastic fabric that combines with other factors to ensure the elasticity of the whole cover and that is essential for the maximum use of the shape properties of the mattress filling. The fabric also protects the mattress filling from soiling.