• Picardi

    The PICARDI shaped anatomic pillow was developed with regard to the human anatomic disposition. High-quality memory foam is used to fill the pillow, guaranteeing the correct position of the cervical vertebrae and head.


    Dimensions 60 x 43 cm
    Height 10 – 11 cm
    Cover Viscose
    Warranty 3 years

    Anatomic pillows

    PICARDI anatomic pillows are popular among customers for their pleasing softness. They are mainly recommended for those suffering from back or cervical vertebrae pain. PICARDI anatomic pillows are ideal for sleeping on your side.

    Properties of the filling of PICARDI anatomic pillows

    The filling is made of high-quality Mind Foam® memory foam, which responds appropriately to your body temperature, eliminating the creation of points with high counter-pressure. The special shaping of the pillow facilitates ideal blood circulation and a more peaceful sleep. PICARDI pillows, having the ability to modify themselves, provides the cervical vertebrae and the head with the ideal anatomical position, enhanced even further when combined with the proper mattress.

    VISCOSE pillow covers

    VISCOSE synthetic fibre, the basis of the mattress cover, is made of wood cellulose. This ensures that the fabric is absorbent, resistant to creasing, airy and uniquely adaptive, providing perfect support to the point elasticity of the mattress filling. The cover fabric is very soft and comfortable to the touch. The unique pattern enhances the elegance of the mattress as a whole.

    FERRETI anatomic pillows were developed together with physiotherapists. The aim was to develop an anatomic pillow with a solid structure (filling), helping to stabilise the position of the head in relation to the spine, to keep it in the proper position and to ensure the precise forming of shape. The result? FERRETI anatomic pillows, providing perfect support and relaxing the neck and shoulder muscles.

    We recommend discussing the right type of ergonomic pillow if you suffer from headaches, cervical vertebrae pain or shoulder joint problems.

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