• Eleanor

    An ELEANOR bed captures the attention right away with its timeless design and exceptional headboard. It was created by combining modern design, elegance and very precise development with attention to detail.



    The dominant element of the headboard is the pattern of diamonds that are joined by elegant stitching, putting the finishing touches to the exclusive feel of the bed. The natural plasticity of the headboard is further enhanced under complementary light by the unrepeatable play of shadows.


    Headboard is fittingly accompanied by elegant stainless steel legs that bring about a feeling of lightness and airiness. The overall impression of Eleanor beds is one of great elegance and balance.

    Deep sleep

    It is during deep sleep and not “just” sleep that the human organism can truly rest. It is then that our mental and physical strength is regenerated. Only during deep sleep does our body relax, regenerate and replenish its lost energy. Deepest sleep is also the time when our subconscious rests, when our mind clears and gets back its lost peace and mental balance.