• Ambra

    A bed that sensitively combines elements of classic design and the precise art of upholstery. AMBRA beds are characterised by their slightly bent headboard, a beautifully worked arc and a classic design involving unobtrusive curves and rounding.


    The beauty of the natural structure of leather is underlined by its quality working. The carved wooden legs of the bed put the ideal finishing touches to the overall impression. An AMBRA bed will be jewel in the crown of your bedroom and will fill your home with the warmth and harmony of natural materials.


    The product line of Ferreti continental beds is the embodiment of the concept of perfect comfort while you sleep. The concept of sleeping on a continental bed, in fact, is acknowledged throughout the world as the gold standard for quality sleep.
    This is currently the most refined sleep system, consisting of three components – a springy divan (box spring), a mattress and a mattress topper. Each component of this system fulfils a specific function, whilst combining to make up a whole and ensuring the ideal properties.


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    The continental bed is based on the unique effect of double-springing, which guarantees the required orthopaedic support of the spine and brings about an unmatched feeling of comfort.

    Discover a new dimension of sleep with Ferreti.

    Mattress topper – the upper layer of the continental bed system, the part that comes into direct contact with the human body. This determines the comfort of sleep and the required feel can be chosen according to the preferences of the user.

    Mattress – has an irreplaceable role in the continental bed system. Copies the shape of the human body, stabilises the spine in the proper anatomic position and significantly determines the firmness of the bed as a whole.

    Box-spring (divan) – a key component in a continental bed. A spring base that is the idea support for all types of mattress.